The Patience Pole


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The Patience Pole’s 360-degree overhead arm gives your horse the freedom to move – safely. 

Tethered to the arm with a chain or bungee, the horse doesn’t feel quite so confined, and he soon learns to stand or circle quietly. The overhead tie also helps keep the horse from sitting back.

It becomes the horse’s equivalent of a human’s personal space and downtime.

The 12 foot Patience Pole is made of high-quality structural steel, with bearings that allow it to swing continuously, freely and quietly.

It’s fabricated by Allison Creek’s all-veteran team of horse lovers, who guarantee their workmanship for five years.

Two people can easily install a Patience Pole in about 20 minutes. Just dig a hole, level the pole, and pour in concrete.

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2 thoughts on “The Patience Pole

  1. How tall is the patience pole out of the ground? Is it 12 foot above ground or 12 foot including the 4 foot in the ground?

    1. Hi Brian, we recommend that the pole is installed at 4 feet deep, leaving 8 feet above ground. There is an installation link on The Patience Pole information page, or email me if you have any questions:

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