What is a HiTie and why do I want one?

A safe way to tie your horse to your trailer.

We recently installed a HiTie on the Allison Creek Farm horse trailer. Click here to read Stacey McCoy’s rave review.

What is a HiTie and why do I want one? 

The HiTie is an attachment for you to safely overhead tie your horse to the side of your trailer. It opens and stows away easily with the movement of a pin. It is constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass and stainless steel so it is made to last for the lifetime of the trailer. Our customers have found that overhead tying their horse is safer and leads to a calmer, happier horse – something that all of us want when at a horse event or out on the trail.

The HiTie makes a great Christmas present for the equestrian in your life!

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